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Georgian Alphabet Quiz

We’ve just published our new Georgian Alphabet Quiz Now app. With this new app you get a unique quiz that sequentially teaches you the alphabet by going through the letter form, letter name and pronunciation using a frequency spaced repetition algorithm to make sure you learn the letters. Georgian Quiz […]

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Learn Georgian Alphabet Now – Update

We’ve updated and improved our Learn Georgian Alphabet Now app. The new release includes native pronunciation guides, sample words and our letter tracing guide. It contains flash cards, a quiz function, along with the letter lessons.  It is ready for the iPhone X.  The app contains no ads and does […]

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Announcing New Features and Updates

I’ve been rolling out a few recent changes on the Alphabet Now applications. Most notably, you may have noticed an improved layout in the lessons section that shows mini-flashcards for the letters or symbols, first focusing on teaching the symbol names and then, as a second step, the pronunciation. By […]

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