Announcing New Features and Updates

I’ve been rolling out a few recent changes on the Alphabet Now applications. Most notably, you may have noticed an improved layout in the lessons section that shows mini-flashcards for the letters or symbols, first focusing on teaching the symbol names and then, as a second step, the pronunciation. By breaking this down into these steps, I’ve found it to be a more effective learning method.

Less visible, the quiz function logic has been improved and overall management of the application development has changed. This will allow for better support and new development to be rolled out faster.

The apps now updated include the Cyrillic group (Cyrillic, Ukrainian, Russian), Hebrew, Greek, Georgian.

This is just the start for more features to come that will expand on your reading and writing skills that you can practice with the apps. It will also allow for the development of new languages that will be developed over the next months and in the new year. Next steps include updating the Baybayin, Syriac and Aramaic apps to this new standard. Already I am beginning to work on a Cherokee Syllabary app and am thinking about other scripts and/or language variants such as Gothic, Tibetan, Armenian, Ethiopian, Amharic and Sindhi…

This is also an opportunity to let me know which writing systems you are interested in so that I can consider them in the development plan. What language script are you interested in?  Are you interested in specific minority or endangered language writing system?